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I’m so angry with you.
I’m angry because I handed you my heart…
There was a lot of shit in there, you know?
A lot of pain; a lot of madness,
But more love.
I’d been holding it in for so long.
Why did I have to give it to you?
Trust you with something like that?
Put it all in your hands,
For you to just toss it away
When you decided it was too heavy to hold.
I thought you were stronger -
Or that you could have at least handed it back to me gently and with some kind of fucking fragile care, but no…
You just dropped it like it was nothing.
Dropped it and now it’s shattered in a million fucking pieces on the floor.
And I have to pick all this up alone.
Fuck you.
Why did I have to love you so much?
And why do I still?


I swear this language flows like an ocean when you write.some of my favourite words
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I swear this language flows like an ocean when you write.

some of my favourite words

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You’re here to dream.
You’re here to awaken.
You’re here to hang on
And then learn how to let go.
You’re here to love deeply,
To have your heart filled
And then to have it broken.
To witness the beauty
And the terror of it all.
To shed your skin,
And begin again
And again

Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.
Khalil Gibran (via panatmansam)
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Marisha Pessl, Night Film
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Marisha Pessl, Night Film

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Choices become Freedom.

You make Your own choices. 

The Choices You make.

The Actions You take. 

If You are True to Yourself. 

If You Forgive Yourself. 

If You Free Yourself. 

You will become Yourself

You will become Love

You will become Forgiveness. 

Let Your Light out. 


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When I say I miss being home, I don’t mean it in the literal sense.
These walls do not make me feel safe.
You did.
Jeigo, Still Homesick (via jeigo)
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